Year One...

It's been one year since our sweet man arrived (4/4/16 @ noon). And it's true what they say - it goes by quickly! Like at lightning speed, people... just yesterday we were driving little man home from the hospital. 


I've read numerous mom websites and blogs with first year lists of "things I've learned" or "I survived XX" or "tips" and felt inspired to share some of my own memories, thoughts, notes and randomness. 


Here is my list of 365 things... just kidding. However, here's a lot, enjoy. 



-It's ok to have baby blues, those trying, "I just can't do this" moments and just cry it out... a LOT. It will happen. Have faith that it gets better. 

-Take time for yourself... your baby should have one-on-one dad/partner time  

-Accept that your body will never be the same  

-Trust your mom instinct - it magically appears and is usually right. 


-A little Facetime with family never stunted a baby's development 

-Pick a few blogs, apps that you like and stick with them for information - most are pretty exhaustive. Too much information is just overwhelming.

-Grateful for only one ER visit which resulted in double conjunctivitis, ear infection and croup... all at the same time, poor guy. It was scary and he did better than mom and dad. 

-You WILL make it through long road trips and plane rides (we visited Boston, Washington D.C., Park City) where only 1.5/6 of those flights was a disaster

-You will appreciate your parents more - think it's nearly impossible not to. Tell them you love them. 

-I've already forgotten about the endless nights of exhaustion, despair and no sleep - guess that's how people have more kids! 


-When I stopped pumping at eight-and-a-half months (yes, that half-a-month is important!), it changed my life. Despite months after baby, I finally felt like a real person and like a weight was lifted.

-When you can't keep the milk supply up, it will be sad. (I may or may not have freaked out when I had one frozen bag of milk left.) It's ok and little man accepting formula was easier than I thought. Fed is best. 

-You might need to pump in the most obscure places (most memorable: a NASCAR racetrack with 160,000 attendees cheering in the distance)

-It is possible to carry on 104 ounces of formula on a plane (!)


-Get an extra bouncer chair for your bathroom so you don't have to lug myriad apparatuses throughout your home (I've seen them for as low as $20-$30). A few minute shower is a day changer... (see my previous post here about some of my baby gear favorites)


-No baby exploded from eating a non-organic piece of fruit or cracker

-Babies will survive licking and biting dog bones and toys  

-Carbs, carbs, carbs is the name of the game

-Husband suddenly stuck a finger full of peanut butter in his mouth at a Halloween party for his first time. I don't advise that route but all was ok. There were doctors in the room. 

-Offer them different foods, textures and flavors (while who knows if my little man will be a good eater when he's a toddler), I do believe that food opens up their world. If they reject at first, try again. And again. And again.


-There's been only one public occurrence of runny diarrhea onto white pants while at a trendy outdoor summer bar (note: a Dreft or Tide pen is a diaper bag MUST.)

-We avoided poop in the bathtub and in the bathroom-to-nursery transport. For that I am grateful 

-Experienced only one spout of projectile vomit... at home, avoiding the bed, carpet and walls (who knew such a little person could output so much?!)  


-Snap photos of you and your little one - puffy, pale and all  

-Do not let daycare teachers style your child for school pictures, lesson learned (he looked like a 60 year-old accountant) 

-Take pictures of their feet, hands, and toes. 

-Amazon Photo is your friend... most moms have an Amazon Prime membership, so Amazon Photo is FREE! Unlimited storage, hooray! 


-Do what feels right for YOUR family and base your selection on that, not anyone else's... same goes for your doctor

-Your child will do better than you do at the first day of daycare. Throw tissues in your purse. 

-We received a handful of "incident" daycare reports... falling, bumping, blood and the like. It's normal. 


I could go on and on. In closing, you will never experience love like this and won't remember your life without this little human. Sometimes when you look at them, your body will ache with love. Cherish the quiet, giggly and happy moments - allow them to consume you. Enjoy the magical journey. 

Photo:  Chad Husar Photography  (taken October 2016 - 6.5 months old) 

Photo: Chad Husar Photography (taken October 2016 - 6.5 months old) 


Home Stretch

Wild how pregnancy has flown by. I'm 36 weeks, and each day is a different challenge! 


Overall, I'm grateful for my journey although there have been bumps in the road.


First trimester was ridden with nausea round the clock (thank you, diclegis!) and bizarre food aversions (chicken, broccoli, meat = vomitous) and some extreme bouts of exhaustion. Also, we didn't quite know how far along we were at the beginning - we were anxious to tell folks but ended up having to wait a bit longer after confirming baby's gestational age. 


Second trimester things looked up with more energy but towards the end I was diagnosed with pelvic separation. Not a rare symptom, but essentially the front joint of the pubic bone separates - it was painful to stand up, walk and I quickly got diagnosed and started PT which did wonders. We had some scary doctor's visits as well - had to get three extra ultrasounds to check on a heart photo that one of the Northwestern specialists (as the OB doctors office sends out) wasn't pleased with. Per multiple images, one of the heart ductus' looked abnormal, small. After many total hours of ultrasounds, different angles with different machines, and seeing the specialist himself combined with checking with the Northwestern Prentice fetal carioligist specialist, he confirmed the baby's heart was great. A great relief. 


Now in the third trimester I was lucky to get a 33 week ultrasound (hey, extra photos!) to check if the placenta had moved up - as it was low in earlier ultrasounds - and indeed it did. Given I'm less than one month until due date (eek!), I'm seeing the doctor every week. The pressure is down there when I walk (welcome to waddling), my ears are popping like crazy (extra fluid everywhere!), I'm apparently snoring (sorry, hon), cannot wear my wedding ring (hooray for bloating!) and the heartburn is increasingly unbearable at night. 


More to come, can't wait for Baby R to get here!  


Bathroom bumpie @ 34 weeks  

Bathroom bumpie @ 34 weeks  

Lounging with my bump, babe and sweet Winnie. 

Lounging with my bump, babe and sweet Winnie.