Bring It, 2018.

Just a few things to report in past few months:

 -Moved into my parents house from the city to the suburbs with my husband, dog and toddler son (staying in my old bedroom - ya, it’s a strange feeling).

-Little man started a new daycare (wow, that first week was brutal).

-Started commuting into work via train. It’s a love-hate relationship.  

-Got tapped to lead a top beverage brand account at work. 

-Construction began on our home and is fully underway... So. Many. Decisions.  

-Was able to escape to Florida for a few days for little man to meet family - note to self: get him his own seat. Wowza.  

-Oh, and got pregnant, due in June 2018. 


Needless to say, I never feel like there are enough hours in the day sometimes. And I know any inkling of me time will completely disappear come little baby this summer. 


Moral: take everything one day at a time. And breathe. 



Master bathroom shower progress.  

Master bathroom shower progress.  

Up in the air with Elmo. 

Up in the air with Elmo.