A Bachelorette Dinner Soiree

For a friend's bachelorette weekend, I was honored to host a 'welcome' dinner for friends and family in town. While I could have cooked and baked, I opted for an easier alternative. Having heard of Kitchensurfing in Chicago, an online marketplace where you can hire local chefs to come to your home and cook, I thought I'd give it a try. I emailed one of the Kitchensurfing managers and within hours, I was given chef options to choose from, all carrying glowing reviews. I landed on Chef Kristin and we quickly got to work on the menu development, and, after a handful of exchanges, we landed on "hearty appetizers" in addition to an extensive cheese plate curated by yours truly and a little crudite.

Check out the menu (that I designed/doodled) as well as some of the spread.

To ensure everyone kept in good spirits, I curated a selection of wine pairings and handmade tags to accompany each of the bottles, highlighting their characteristics with a tag hanging by twine. 

I set out on the decor to be romantic, yet rustic and elegant with shades of pink throughout - among the bride's favorite. I purchased antique hydrangeas, pink roses, baby's breath for floral arrangement accents and paired that with burlap textures, antique candleholders, mason jars and even painted canvas "W & V" letters in the evening's color tone throughout my kitchen and living room. 

As a takeaway, guests filled out a custom scrapbook to write, doodle or sketch their favorite shared memory with the bride. Stickers, markers, scrapbook items and more made a perfect page.  


Have any of you thrown a bachelorette dinner?