An Unconventional Wedding Gift

For one dear couple whose wedding was the week before ours, both us newlyweds opted for an alternative wedding gift exchange. Instead of gifting wine glasses or towels (which are still lovely), we set to create a lasting memory and share a meal together. And it seemed about right - we all like food and booze. Further, it would be a time post-wedding to relax, enjoy a talented kitchen and relive some of all of our whirlwind wedding activities.

We felt this route was more apropos than the former, and selected a top destination that none of our quartet had visited. And it wasn't just any meal - we selected L2O in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. 

Here's a snapshot of our menu and wine pairings (well the gals had the vino, the guys enjoyed scotch and whiskey.)

To top off the evening, we received a post-meal private tour of the pristine kitchen and experienced an inkling of the culinary passions behind the scenes. 

Indeed a gift to remember and I highly suggest investigating an alternative experience as a gift for a wedding.