My Wedding: Baubles & Bling

I love sparkles. My friends and family know this as well as my new husband.

I love everything shiny, always have, and jewelry is no different. I was and still am lucky to have multiple family members in the jewelry business which further propels my interest and love of gems, precious metals, jewelry design and more. For a brief timeframe, I considered going into the business and taking GIA classes. I even had my own beaded jewelry line in grade school for a stint and sold at local art fairs. But, I digress... 

For my wedding, I was so blessed to wear and give the perfect pieces. Here's a snapshot:

I don't think I've ever been as obsessed with a piece of jewelry. My late grandmother had impeccable style, and, as a wife of a jeweler, her jewelry collection was no different. I was honored at one family gathering to be presented with my "something blue" which came in the form of this ring. Sapphires and diamonds?! Yes, please. I wore this art-deco piece down the aisle and throughout the night so her presence was always with me. 

My dress had a beautiful, detailed crystal-encrusted bodice and sash, therefore, no necklace was needed. Further, the earrings needed to be simple as well as to not draw away from the bodice detail. Enter my grandmother's diamond earrings with a diamond circular drop addition - a perfect fit as the drop piece tied nicely with the bodice dress detail. 

I had to make sure my bridesmaids also sparkled. After researching for quite a bit looking for the perfect modern and vintage piece, I fell in love with these Swarovski "Sensation" chandelier pieces for my wedding party and a modified drop for the young flower girl and ceremony readers.