A Whirlwind...

Whew, where has the time gone since my last post?!

To quickly recap, I've had two weddings, a Vegas work trip, the start of gala fundraising meetings, and, did I mention one of those weddings was my own?! Yes, I'm thrilled to report I'm a Mrs. now... and with that, I'm excited to share many learnings and wedding details on the blog.

While I work on more posts, thought I'd share a few "week of" wedding prep tips for all you brides out there and some details of my busy wedding week... 

-If able, take off three days prior to the wedding day to focus on wedding activities (see my schedule below).
-Hydrate and get good sleep. 
-Avoid fried foods and salty foods the week of the wedding, why get extra bloated on your wedding week!?
-Do NOT change your beauty routine - use the same face wash, same lotion, etc. If you haven't tried a product before, why do it days before your wedding?
-Practice vows OUT LOUD by yourself to ensure they make sense and they read smoothly. 
-Pack day-of accessories and any gifts separately in ONE bag/suitcase (this may include; wedding purse, lipstick, deodorant, toothbrush, cards, bridesmaids gifts).
-Print out two extra copies of the wedding schedule - there will inevitably be a vendor or someone who will ask.
-Jog/workout/walk a least a few times - the endorphins release will help (trust me), and it's nice to escape on your own for a while!
-Send work updates, reminders and set out of office assistants letting colleagues/clients know you are out. Yes, share that you are getting married!
-Carve out some quiet time for you and your honey! 

For me, my schedule looked something like this:

-Werk. ;)

-Final dress fitting in the AM. Turns out, it needed to be taken in one last time (ah!), but the seamstress was able to work on it in the afternoon, so it & the veil could be steamed for pickup the next morning.
-Picked up waterproof (not water resistant - per my makeup artist!) mascara, cards for mom/mother-in-law/dad/my groom and cute little cards for bridesmaids & flower girl
-Impromptu lunch downtown with my dad!
-Dropped off hair extensions at salon for cleaning/styling 
-Waxing. I'll stop there. 
-Picked up rehearsal dinner dress option from tailor
-Began packing

-Packed up dogs; packed up car 
-Picked up dress (after driving on highway and realizing we had forgotten to pick it up!)
-Placed 150+ calligrapher name cards in frames
-Finished/wrote wedding party cards/thank you's
-Inventory list of items for venue 
-Manicure with the lil' sis
-Dinner with mom and sister

-Packed up items to drop-off at hotel (hospitality room items)
-Packed up items for venue (frames, flip-flops, etc.)
-Quick jog to blow off anxiety!
-Checked into hotel; visited with out of town guests
-Hair & makeup for rehearsal dinner
-Rehearsal at venue 
-Rehearsal dinner! 
-Hospitality room snacks and hangout with family & friends
-Sleepover with my two sisters and cousin! 

Our calligraphy table cards in frames:

Lots of decor & details... 

Obsessed with these mini-cards for little notes for some special attendees & "random notes of appreciation" for my bridesmaids.