Soul Survival

Trying to find time to workout with a newborn and breastfeeding is no joke. For nearly a year, I've been wanting to try the much-loved SoulCycle but when feeling like a house combined with preggo complications late in my second trimester, I never went.


As I'm slowly starting to feel like a semi-normal functioning human post-babe, it was time to get back at it for myself and the little one.


My girlfriend booked us bikes with one of her favorite instructors and gave me a brief run-down. I was pseudo familiar with the general platform - music-driven, thoughtful yoga-esque intentions and bike dancing woven throughout - as well as being pricey and drawing a cult-like fan reputation. (I mean it couldn't be worse than Crossfit with the latter, right?!)


I have to say, I was nervous. We walked in to a clean, stark, yet vibrant lobby space packed with a fashion-forward, generally in-shape crowd.


I rented my bike shoes and strolled into the dark room lit with candles, which also was surprisingly warm. (Surely they will turn down the temp when a room of 50-plus bodies are closely packed in, right?!)


Then there was the pre-ride prep. I swapped out weights, added seat padding (because, birth) learned and adjusted to proper seat positioning with an assistant's help and clicked in. 


The über-fit instructor with colorful tattoos covering her toned arms began class welcoming us newbies, quickly shared the theme of the class - London - and we all joined in to send positive thoughts to the Orlando nightclub shooting which occurred only hours before. A welcome and feel-good start.


The class itself included a warm-up and the music made my jelly legs want to keep to the beat. I mean who has Florence and the Machine playing in their workout?! Amaze. Other tunes included the Spice Girls, Ellie Goulding and Queen where we turned up bike tension after hearing the famed "Another One Bites the Dust" bridge. Woof. There were "bike push-up" movements (which hurt my wrists), favoring of each leg and some light arm weights work towards the end of class. The instructor encouraged support throughout class with suggested neighbor high-fives, calling out regulars, encouraging individual dancing and sharing quick personal stories where agreeing nods were seen.


Net, I survived. I appreciated the ability to scale the workout, the positivity, the instructor talent and direction and the sweat. However, the thirty bucks plus shoe rental is no joke on the wallet, but I will return. And it's easy to see how regulars just can't get enough. See you again soon, soul riders.