Monkey Morning

My three-week-old little guy slept two back-to-back three hour stints, so this 'well-rested' mamma was motivated to whip something up (incredible what a few extra hours can do when caring for a newborn round-the-clock - perhaps that's another post). After a load of baby laundry, a shower (always a daily win) and a quick Swiffer around the house, why not make a healthy nosh?! 


I quickly pulled up my favorite healthy banana bread recipe from COOKIE + Kate (it's bookmarked on my phone) and started baking in between baby cries.


I love love this recipe - I use honey, whole wheat pastry flour and tossed in some crushed walnuts and chocolate chips in my back pantry corner. I've also alternated between coconut oil and olive oil for a few recipes, and both are delicious. 


Full recipe link: Healthy Banana Bread Recipe - COOKIE + Kate