Glowing and Growing

A new little sparkle is entering our lives come April 2016. And I don't think I can hide my growing belly much longer, so here it is world... I'm pregnant! 


It's been so rewarding sharing the news with family and friends over the past few weeks. I guess once the news hits social media, then it must feel really real, right?!  


I'm nearly 18 weeks and can't complain too much. I had some struggles with nausea for the majority of my first trimester, but was grateful to take prescribed Diclegis which quickly did the trick. And my, how good that bread and pasta tasted as I couldn't quite stomach meats and much else. Now, there's consistent heartburn bouts and some nasty headaches, but I can't really complain. 


I'm excited to share my journey here as well as connect with other soon-to-be-mamas and rockstar moms. I don't plan to overhaul this blog into a mommy blog, but you betcha I'll be sharing cool finds and general updates on this time. 


Oh, and hope you like this sketch by yours truly of our little arrival announcement.