A Likely Avoidable Adventure

This week has been one for the memory bank. On Saturday morning, we ventured on our first road trip with our toddler boy and infant baby girl from Chicago to Columbus for a child-friendly Labor Day family wedding. Given said trip, in preparation, my husband went to the dealership the day before for an oil change and car service/maintenance inspection. I had to write a post on this as it was just too wild. Thankfully, we are all safe [long post warning]...

My son hadn’t a had a proper nap in three days, because family playtime and strange hotel rooms. Due to nonexistent naps — and, well, being two — we’ve been dealing with much whining, moodiness and crying. He did enjoy some wedding dancing. On Labor Day Monday morning, we were very anxious to get home Monday afternoon and relax. Ten minutes into our six hour drive and pre-Starbucks run (as we just missed the hotel breakfast), our front tire pressure was suddenly rapidly decreasing on the dash. We pulled into a questionable residential area off of the highway, got out and our front right tire was flat. We unloaded our luggage to access the spare tire and called for tire change service. The infant was luckily sleeping so she stayed in the A/C in the car given the 93 degree heat.

The tire changing gentleman secured via State Farm (their service was very easy and efficient!) arrived surprisingly quickly on Labor Day Monday. After an exchange with a disgruntled angry-at-the-world neighbor due to our setup being in guest parking (I mean where were we supposed to move?), a stray cat with one eye of the Night King (or likely glaucoma) following Jayden around, the tire man confirmed that the spare tire on our Jeep didn’t fit on the front axel (gah!). He added that it didn’t look like any object punctured the tire, that the tire was very badly worn down.


A tow service thankfully came within 20 minutes and took us to an open and nearby Goodyear tire shop. On our ride, tow driver Willie shared some wisdom that an old boss taught him about his business: “treat your customers like how you would treat your own wife and kids.” Simple. Willie also shared that the tire was very worn down.

We arrived at the Goodyear shop and while I waited inside with kiddos, the car was taken down from the tow bed. The three-person team and on duty manager reconfirmed that the spare didn’t fit in the front, that our flat tire was in desperate need of alignment and rotation, was completely worn down and didn’t find any object damage. Mind you, much of this was frustrating was compounded given aforementioned dealership visit just three days prior.

The Goodyear Manager shared that we needed a specialty sized tire, and called around to three open tire shops who didn’t have it in stock. The local Jeep dealership was closed given the Labor Day holiday, but the kind Willie took our car there in hopes that they would have the special tire and could put it on when they opened. We’d have to spend the day and night with the kids. 


While I was nursing on the ground of the Goodyear tire shop (this is now added to the ongoing unique breastfeeding locations) and my son was briefly entertained by coloring, stickering and throwing the Goodyear balloon blimp the sweet manager gave him, a gentle-faced middle-aged lady customer approached me. Her name was Kathryn and asked if we needed a ride somewhere, that she had a newly fixed and that “she’d been there” given our situation as she has five grown children. After trying to figure out our best plan, we quickly made a reservation at the closest Marriott, took her up on her offer and loaded up our gear into her van. So kind of her - I insisted we give her money, at least for the gas and she declined. There are good people in this world. 

We attempted to take a family nap after check-in and a very late lunch but realized naps were not in the cards after an hour plus of toddler screaming. I took Jayden to the lobby bar for snacks, a glass of wine for myself and to meet up with the mother-of-the-groom, my angelic Aunt Cheryl, who lived 20 minutes away. It was so comforting to have a familiar face during our stressful day. She took me to the local Kroger where I quickly stocked up on diapers (because no mama wants to be stranded without diapers), snacks and dinner for my son.

The local Columbus Jeep dealership didn’t open until 10:00 a.m. the next morning, and my husband and I started a makeshift bedtime routine in our hotel room to wind down from the day. Both kiddos got to bed around 10:00 p.m. and woke up at 7:00 a.m., we were grateful and started our day hoping that we could go home. After breakfast, my husband Ubered to the dealership where our car was waiting.

In parallel path, while trying to feed an infant and keep a toddler entertained (lots of Blippi videos), I spoke to our Chicago dealership trying to find a solve and, if needed have them overnight this specialty tire. There were many communications with their Service Director while my husband was exploring solves in-person with the Columbus dealership. He offered questions to ask the local dealer from afar which was appreciated. 

The Marriott where we were staying also gave us a generous late checkout time. I think many of the staff knew of our situation by now and a few would say hello to Jayden by name in the halls. My husband’s colleague and family offered up heading to a park and a night stay if needed. Again, some good people.

After searching, the Columbus dealership tracked down the right sized tire (but not the matching one — I would go to our dealership to get the matching specialty tire when we got back), we purchased it and pushed this shop to slate an opening to get it on our car so we could get home. 


The car ride home was very anxiety-ridden. I was hoping that the rest of the tires were ok, wondering if there was something else overlooked, etc. Not to mention we had to pick our fantastic football teams! Thankfully the kids slept most of the way, and we only stopped twice — for gas and a quick pull over to burp the baby after her bottle (so kinda pulled over twice for gas, lol). We got home around 9:15 p.m., gave our son milk and crackers and put him to bed. 


The wildness doesn’t end. My husband Dustin came in our bedroom after his morning workout around 6:45 a.m. and said that he had to talk to me. I knew something was up. We knew that we had a power surge Monday evening as our neighbor found our garage open and closed it when walking their dog. We didn’t think much of it at the time. Dustin said that the power had turned off in our spare refrigerator/freezer, causing the  325+ ounces of my frozen breastmilk was in there. I immediately broke down. The milk was sorta cold, but he quickly plugged it back in, so the verdict is still out if it can be salvaged. Not too confident.


I frankly couldn’t muster up the energy to go to the dealership on Wednesday, so I went Thursday and was there nearly two-and-a-half hours with my infant. I tried to understand while we were proactive in taking our car into the dealer the day before our first family road trip as to why this happened which caused unexpected expenses, stress and more which could have been avoided. More to figure out on that front so I won’t share too much right now.  


Oh, and while our dog was staying with my in-laws, she likely assumed some after effects of an area skunk. She smells kinda like walking stinky pee despite getting a bath.  


While my husband and I were on the road, we reflected on how the multitude of kind people we came in contact with who went above and beyond and empathized with our situation. It’s humbling, really. And I’m grateful my babies are safe. 


If you’ve read this far, I’m impressed. Thank you. Check out some photos below I snapped of our journey.  

 Tire damages.  

Tire damages.  

 Waiting for roadside service in the shade off of the highway. 

Waiting for roadside service in the shade off of the highway. 

 Coloring at the Goodyear Columbus tire shop with goodies from the manager!

Coloring at the Goodyear Columbus tire shop with goodies from the manager!

 Hanging at the hotel bar. 

Hanging at the hotel bar. 

 Ready to go home!!!  

Ready to go home!!!  

Baby Bag

With baby #2 due ANY minute (ready when you are, baby boy OR girl), my hospital bag is ready and waiting by the door.


Here's some of what I'm bringing this time around... 


  • Carry-on suitcase (love our Victorinox traveler)
  • Lip balm - my lips got crazy chapped last time around 
  • Cozy slippers
  • Nursing bra (iLoveSIA have worked for me and are cost efficient)
  • Nursing top
  • Nursing pillow (Nook from Sprout San Francisco)
  • Cosmetics (Bio oil for the belly, makeup, face wash, toner, eye cream, lotion, shampoo, hair clips & ties) 
  • Dry shampoo (Oribe)
  • Face spritz (Mario Badescu rosewater and aloe)
  • Cozy robe
  • Comfortable pajamas
  • Extra long phone charging cord
  • Baby hats (for boy and girl)
  • Receiving blankets (for boy and girl - Monica & Andy have the most darling prints)
  • Baby home outfit
  • Loose pants for going home
  • Extra lightweight tote for hospital items and gifts (diapers, pads, etc.)

Whirlwind at Heart

Cannot believe that I haven't posted here in months! Argh, I'm awful - let's reset, shall we?! But where do I begin? 

Perhaps with the fact that I'm currently 39 weeks and four days pregnant? That our now two-year-old son has been boycotting naps and not sleeping? Or perhaps that my husband had open heart surgery weeks ago? Or that we're still living with my parents because our renovations to our home aren't complete?

They say life is crazy and I'm in no business of comparing to others but I know I'll look back at this time and simply think: what the.... ?! 

I'll share something that I posted on social media surrounding my husband's surgery. How do you share the news with friends, colleagues and more of a monumental life happening? Not sure of the right answer but here's what I shared (with a few tweaks)...

Tomorrow morning, my 35-year-old husband will have open heart surgery to repair a “4 out of 4” severely damaged valve and other associated complications. It’s still surreal to say and type. Mere weeks ago, we were focused on final remodeling decisions for our new home, a growing belly (32 weeks now), preparing for our son’s 2nd birthday, childcare for baby no. 2, busy summer work seasons and more... while these life pieces still stand, our world was additionally turned upside down.

The past weeks escalated quickly filled with myriad appointments, tests, doctor consults, expert opinions from across the country (literally - Dr. Craig Smith, Bill Clinton and Barbara Walters’ cardiac surgeon, Dr. Tara Nerula and others), ongoing doctor questions, new developments, switching of doctors/surgery teams, rescheduled surgery date and no shortage of emotional highs and lows. It’s a curious thing when you hear a thud at night and find your 6’3 husband in the best shape of his life lying on a kitchen floor after learning of needed heart surgery, rushing him to the ER and then for weeks thinking any loud noise could be him suffering a stroke or heart attack and not wanting to leave him alone.

There is an odd sense of relief of now having the top Chicagoland team and surgeon performing the surgery (Dr. McCarthy at Northwestern helped develop the ring going into his heart) but there are still many unknowns these next months. We will somehow navigate through. He has been nothing short of superbly amazing; poised, patiently explaining developments to friends and family, coworkers and more. He has been a rock, my rock.

We are grateful for support from many... parents flying back early (we will have all four grandparents help for little man), siblings, relatives, the Zeno and Midmark families, friends and more. Much love and good thoughts and prayers from all. 

Bump pic surgery.jpg



Bring It, 2018.

Just a few things to report in past few months:

 -Moved into my parents house from the city to the suburbs with my husband, dog and toddler son (staying in my old bedroom - ya, it’s a strange feeling).

-Little man started a new daycare (wow, that first week was brutal).

-Started commuting into work via train. It’s a love-hate relationship.  

-Got tapped to lead a top beverage brand account at work. 

-Construction began on our home and is fully underway... So. Many. Decisions.  

-Was able to escape to Florida for a few days for little man to meet family - note to self: get him his own seat. Wowza.  

-Oh, and got pregnant, due in June 2018. 


Needless to say, I never feel like there are enough hours in the day sometimes. And I know any inkling of me time will completely disappear come little baby this summer. 


Moral: take everything one day at a time. And breathe. 



 Master bathroom shower progress.  

Master bathroom shower progress.  

 Up in the air with Elmo. 

Up in the air with Elmo. 

Moving On

It's been a while since I posted. Just a few things happend of note... 


After searching for about 6-8 months, my husband and I found a house, we walked away from said house, we couldn't pass up the offer (so yes, drama), we closed and will be moving away from the city after 13 years. Did I also mention that I had four work trips during this time?! Holy wow, has it been a whirlwind!  


So many emotions, uncertainty and excitement for the next chapter... but mostly anxiety.  


So here I write, surrounded by half-packed boxes, tape, clothes everywhere asking for good wishes and minimal emotional breakdowns. So many house/real estate/construction updates to share and hope to push myself to do more posts! 


Any and all moving suggestions welcome. Send wine.  




Summer Skin

Not proud to say, but I really haven't focused on skincare until my 30s. I wish I would've been regimented earlier. I'm certainly seeing those lines and spots - and felt a shift post-baby.


While I'm sometimes insecure about my uneven, often blotchy red skin (I'm getting a laser treatment for it hopefully in the winter - a blog post sure to follow!) I wanted to share my daily skin routine and some of my favorite products. 


With a toddler almost fully mobile, I don't have time for a long routine, so this is pretty much my go-to. And, full disclosure, it's nice to have a best friend dermatologist (for those in Chicago - Dr. Rachel Pritzker, MD at Chicago Dermatology) to help me curate along the way. 


  1. Cleanser - iS clinical Cleansing Complex. A powerful lightweight cleansing gel that doesn't dry me out and is gentle. 
  2. Toner - Circ Cell Dew PH. Balances the skin while providing rich, dewy hydration. Balances pH, soothes redness, minimizes the appearance of pores, restores moisture. 
  3. Vitamin C Serum - SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic. Anything Vitamin C for the face is all the rage and this come recommended by multiple professionals. It combines antioxidant vitamins C & E with ferulic acid protecting against UVA/UVB rays, helping with aging and stimulating collagen. Note: you'll get used to the funky smell. ;)
  4. Scar Cover - silagen scar refinement. Many might know that I was in a recent car accident and my face got scratched. I put this medical grade silicone and chemical free SPF 30 gel to prevent hyperpigmentation and flatten and smooth my scar.
  5.  SPF tinted moisturizer - elta MD UV Elements broad spectrum SPF 44. A tinted moisturizer with sunscreen is a MUST! Love this one. 


A few times a week, especially during summer, I exfoliate too. My favorite inexpensive ones are Vasanti BrightenUp! (minuscule micro-crystals that really liven up the skin) and Mario Badesco almond & honey non-abrasive face scrub. 


And IF I have time, I LOVE the Sea 2 Skin active hydration mask. It is unreal. It rejuvenates with natural sea botanicals and marine collagen. I once put this on for 15 minutes post friend's wedding and before a four-hour flight and my skin still felt hydrated AFTER the flight and long night of boozing! 


Would love to hear any must-have products to try! 


Sound Serene

I just tried a new class. Not a new HIIT workout, not Barry's Bootcamp (but can't wait to try!) or a class that challenges my out-of-shape mom bod but something a bit more mentally fulfilling. I went to a sound meditation class after a friend pushed me to go. Frankly, I was a bit scared. 


With so much daily overstimulation, screen use and being a working mom, I knew I should try. And hey, if I fall asleep that's a bonus nap! 


It was a smidge daunting walking into a beautifully calming room with floor beds knowing that you will be laying next to strangers for an hour. But I settled in and let the knowledgeable owner take over and walk the class through what's to come all cozied up like a burrito. She spoke about how many doctors are increasingly looking to sound therapy for many ailments - fascinating if you ask me.


Then the sounds started.  The crystal bowls, gongs and more exuding sound waves and vibrations completely enveloped me. My body was immediately tingly. I'm not quite sure if I fell asleep - I may have dosed off - but I felt so refreshed. Tip: brIng socks and a light long sleeve shirt, it was a smidge chilly.


Visit the Anatomy Redifined website (1241 West Madison, Chicago IL 60607) to see some of their other class offerings and more about their practice and some photos I snapped below... 


Sound is a powerful tool to care for yourself physically AND energetically. It has been used for thousands of years all over the world, and is one of the oldest tools for healing. Often, we spend so much time caring for only our physical body that we forget our energetic field and wonder why we are stressed, anxious or exhausted.

Modern science has proven everything is always in a state of vibration. Within the human body, different organs, bones etc. are each vibrating at a specific rate, that together create your own resonant frequency. When you’re in a state of health and vitality, you are actually vibrating at a specific rate. When you become stressed, sick or simply feel out of balance, your frequency changes, literally causing internal and external dis-harmony. Through the use of sound, your body works to re-balance and re-harmonize itself.

The music of therapeutic instruments used at Anatomy Redefined including planetary gongs, quartz crystal singing bowls, and the monochord are especially helpful at soothing a busy mind. In our modern world full of noise and stimulation, it can be very difficult to abruptly bring the mind into a silent room and expect to quickly achieve meditative states or even relaxation. More often than not, the mind ends up in circles especially for new meditators.

In sound meditation, the palpable vibration of the instruments played gives the mind something to focus on, naturally and gently easing you into meditative states. Sound meditation and the use of sound can be a powerful tool for stress reduction, deep relaxation, enhancing creativity, gaining insights into life’s questions, uplifting your spirit, balancing your energy field, expanding consciousness and so much more. 


Mom Wisdom

I was thrilled to be included in a round up of rad mom wisdom in the latest Make It Better magazine.


It's wonderful to hear tips and tricks of how other moms make it work and just get through each day. It's a great reminder that good enough is OK, especially on days when nothing seems to go right, things are in chaos and you just want to lie down.


Read the article here and would love to hear any adds! 

 My son at eleven months calling it quits on the floor. 

My son at eleven months calling it quits on the floor. 

Hawaii Hotels

My husband and I recently spent ten days in Hawaii (Maui / Wailea) sans our little man. This was the longest we've been away from him - it was hard but the 'just us' was much needed.


The trip was especially sweet as the majority of our time there was part of a work sales incentive trip. Who doesn't love a free trip to Hawaii?!


We were grateful to enjoy time at two top Wailea resorts with a day visit to a property where we stayed for our babymoon... it was during this trip that we fell in love with the island and was one of the best vacations we had as a couple. 


Below are some of my notes and thoughts about a few properties (all on the beach), many of which I've shared with my own friends! 


Andaz Maui at Wailea (Hyatt)  

  •  Their brunch at Ka'ana Kitchen was hands-down the best of all three properties - hand-pressed juices, amazing hot and warm stations 
  • Restaurants: Morimoto, Ka'ana Kitchen, Bumbye Beach Bar (I had the Ahi Poke three days in a row), Lehua lounge 
  • Four gorgeous infinity pools, all on different levels
  • The insanely narrow bathroom was enough to call out - there simply wasn't enough space for me and my 6'3 husband to move around when getting ready 
  • The turn down service includes a fresh jug of filtered water, because, hydration
  •  Enjoyed of the best massages I've ever had at awili spa  
 Andaz Maui at Wailea

Andaz Maui at Wailea

Four Seasons Resort Maui 

  • One of the top properties on the island 
  • Head to the adult-only Serenity Pool with one of the best swim up bars and you will never want to leave - the panoramic island view while enjoying a blueberry mojito and complimentary amenity ever hour is just heaven 
  • The lanai had lush furniture, perfect for taking a rest in your robe and flip flops while enjoying alfresco morning coffee from your Nespresso 
  • Love the create-your-own smoothie option for breakfast  
  • We loved their gym and equipment - somehow running on a treadmill in their alfresco workout area makes the time a smidge more enjoyable  
  • Restaurants include: Wolfgang Puck's Spago, Ferraro's, Duo 
  • Enjoy a nightcap or pre-dinner cocktails in the Lobby Lounge (may I suggest the Thai-garita) while enjoying a live hula demonstration at sunset or late-night music
 Four Seasons Maui Serenity Pool

Four Seasons Maui Serenity Pool

 Grand Wailea (Waldorf Astoria)

  • One of the largest resorts on the island (nearly 800 rooms!) wonderful to stroll through the bright, manicured grounds  
  • Nine interconnecting pools, including an adult pool (because quiet), lazy river, a waterfall, slide, water elevator - perfect for families
  • Spend an afternoon at Spa Grande, the largest in Hawaii, a sprawling spa with access to a hydrotherapy circuit of healing spas in addition to top treatments (tip: walk in your robe to the spa's lanai on the upper spa level to watch a peaceful sunset). It's wonderful. 
  • Restaurants: Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, Bistro Molokini, Grand Dining Room (brunch/breakfast), Volcano poolside bar 
  • Found my favorite acai bowl at Cafe Kula - the Grand Bowl (Strawberry | Banana | Blueberries | Haupia Yogurt House Made Granola | Honey | Coconut Chips) - on my babymoon, I had it every day and had to go back this time 
  • For me, they have the best art collection of all the properties -  the highlight being nine Fernando Botero sculptures scattered through the lobby - grab a drink in the Botero bar and enjoy the fleshy views 
 Grand Wailea  

Grand Wailea  

Year One...

It's been one year since our sweet man arrived (4/4/16 @ noon). And it's true what they say - it goes by quickly! Like at lightning speed, people... just yesterday we were driving little man home from the hospital. 


I've read numerous mom websites and blogs with first year lists of "things I've learned" or "I survived XX" or "tips" and felt inspired to share some of my own memories, thoughts, notes and randomness. 


Here is my list of 365 things... just kidding. However, here's a lot, enjoy. 



-It's ok to have baby blues, those trying, "I just can't do this" moments and just cry it out... a LOT. It will happen. Have faith that it gets better. 

-Take time for yourself... your baby should have one-on-one dad/partner time  

-Accept that your body will never be the same  

-Trust your mom instinct - it magically appears and is usually right. 


-A little Facetime with family never stunted a baby's development 

-Pick a few blogs, apps that you like and stick with them for information - most are pretty exhaustive. Too much information is just overwhelming.

-Grateful for only one ER visit which resulted in double conjunctivitis, ear infection and croup... all at the same time, poor guy. It was scary and he did better than mom and dad. 

-You WILL make it through long road trips and plane rides (we visited Boston, Washington D.C., Park City) where only 1.5/6 of those flights was a disaster

-You will appreciate your parents more - think it's nearly impossible not to. Tell them you love them. 

-I've already forgotten about the endless nights of exhaustion, despair and no sleep - guess that's how people have more kids! 


-When I stopped pumping at eight-and-a-half months (yes, that half-a-month is important!), it changed my life. Despite months after baby, I finally felt like a real person and like a weight was lifted.

-When you can't keep the milk supply up, it will be sad. (I may or may not have freaked out when I had one frozen bag of milk left.) It's ok and little man accepting formula was easier than I thought. Fed is best. 

-You might need to pump in the most obscure places (most memorable: a NASCAR racetrack with 160,000 attendees cheering in the distance)

-It is possible to carry on 104 ounces of formula on a plane (!)


-Get an extra bouncer chair for your bathroom so you don't have to lug myriad apparatuses throughout your home (I've seen them for as low as $20-$30). A few minute shower is a day changer... (see my previous post here about some of my baby gear favorites)


-No baby exploded from eating a non-organic piece of fruit or cracker

-Babies will survive licking and biting dog bones and toys  

-Carbs, carbs, carbs is the name of the game

-Husband suddenly stuck a finger full of peanut butter in his mouth at a Halloween party for his first time. I don't advise that route but all was ok. There were doctors in the room. 

-Offer them different foods, textures and flavors (while who knows if my little man will be a good eater when he's a toddler), I do believe that food opens up their world. If they reject at first, try again. And again. And again.


-There's been only one public occurrence of runny diarrhea onto white pants while at a trendy outdoor summer bar (note: a Dreft or Tide pen is a diaper bag MUST.)

-We avoided poop in the bathtub and in the bathroom-to-nursery transport. For that I am grateful 

-Experienced only one spout of projectile vomit... at home, avoiding the bed, carpet and walls (who knew such a little person could output so much?!)  


-Snap photos of you and your little one - puffy, pale and all  

-Do not let daycare teachers style your child for school pictures, lesson learned (he looked like a 60 year-old accountant) 

-Take pictures of their feet, hands, and toes. 

-Amazon Photo is your friend... most moms have an Amazon Prime membership, so Amazon Photo is FREE! Unlimited storage, hooray! 


-Do what feels right for YOUR family and base your selection on that, not anyone else's... same goes for your doctor

-Your child will do better than you do at the first day of daycare. Throw tissues in your purse. 

-We received a handful of "incident" daycare reports... falling, bumping, blood and the like. It's normal. 


I could go on and on. In closing, you will never experience love like this and won't remember your life without this little human. Sometimes when you look at them, your body will ache with love. Cherish the quiet, giggly and happy moments - allow them to consume you. Enjoy the magical journey. 

 Photo:  Chad Husar Photography  (taken October 2016 - 6.5 months old) 

Photo: Chad Husar Photography (taken October 2016 - 6.5 months old) 


Bag of (Hospital) Tricks

Nearly one year ago my water broke hours into my maternity leave. I had planned to take a week off the week before my due date for prep, R&R, errands and vegging but we grabbed my bag and headed out as baby boy was ready.  


I'm often asked what I packed in my hospital bag, so wanted to share my list. 


-Two pillows (one for you, one for hubby), the hospital pillows are quite flimsy and your own pillows will help with that extra comfort

-Toiletry bag... face wash, face lotion, body lotion, mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, comb, shampoo, conditioner, hair oil/styling creme, nail file, extra hair ties, hair clip, Qtips, deodorant, body wash/soap (I took a shower and blow dried my hair my second day at the hospital and felt like a completely new person!)

-Small makeup bag (after one of said best showers, I curled my lashes, put on a smidge of coverup, blush, natural eye shadow and mascara)

-Comb and brush 

-Contact solution and drops  

-Chapstick  - it gets so dry in those rooms! It literally sat right next to me the whole time 

-Extra long power cord phone charger (spring for a long one, not all cords will reach your hospital table)  

-Rosewater spray - for a quick pick-me-up  


-Cute robe  

-Swaddles (for your own photos) 

-Take home baby outfit  

-Warm socks  

-Extra shopping bag and ziplock gallon bags 

-Loose pants for ride home (shouldn't be too tight - you will not be wearing a thong home!) 

-Comfy, non-zip sweatshirt jacket  

-Baby journal and pen  

-Maternity tank tops or nursing tanks  

-Nursing bra  

-Soft t-shirts 


And while you can get after, you may want to pick these up and throw in your bag... Motrin and Colace. 


What are your must haves that I might have missed?



A Muffin Minute

Holy wow, cannot believe that I've been so lax in my posts. I swear, I have endless notes jotted on blog posts topics but alas they've been patiently waiting for months. Because, well... baby, work, wifey duties, travel, baby, family, starting to look for a house, baby and the like. Apologies! 


I'm excited for this post. Many mom friends have asked me what I feed my son (now ten months!) as I sometimes post Instavideos of his meals. He's a good eater (notwithstanding tonight as he didn't touch his food, but I digress) and I always want to try to continually give him new flavors, textures and healthy food. 


My dear friend has always made these great egg muffins for her little girl and I did my own twist on her basic recipes and they turned out great! 


Check out the healthy, flourless and nutritious muffin recipe below. Would love to hear about any of your favorite (and easy!) baby-friendly recipes you have. 



 -Two bananas, mashed

-Four eggs

-Approx. 1 healthly cup of raspberries, mashed (or other berry, also option for additional raspberries)

-One cup of old-fashioned oats (I used Bob's Redmill) 

-2 tbsp oatmeal baby cereal (I used Happy Baby probiotic baby cereal - think this can be omitted if needed... increase oats)

-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla  

-1 1/2 tsp of chia seeds

-1/4 tsp cinnamon  

-Pinch of salt (optional)  


-Preheat oven to 375°

-In a medium-sized bowl, mash both bananas

-Whisk in eggs

-Spray muffin pan with coconut oil spray  

-Add in ingredients and mix well

-Spoon into pan  (option to put additional raspberries)

-Bake for approx. 12-17 minutes or until mixture appears set  


Daycare Dilemma

It's been a rough week. After four months of taking care of my baby 24/7, we sent him off to daycare. I knew it would be hard. People, heck even strangers, told me so. 


Our childcare journey began back in November in the beginning of my second trimester. Thank goodness friends tipped me off to look for daycare if that was the decided route. It was in our household. And just in our neighborhood, there were nine options, so we researched, edited our shortlist, took facility tours and landed on our selection. We were pumped. Oh, but not so fast, we were 41st on the wait list NINE MONTHS in advance. Crazy, right?! Needless to say, all worked out with our top choice. 


Last week, we visited the classroom, met the teachers and dropped off a little gift (Starbucks gift card in a cute "apple" pouch, gum and a real apple). 


Sunday night, I packed his bag, prepped his food, applied labels and checked off the needed school items.  


Anxiety and incessant questions were in full swing - what if he hated it? What if he didn't eat? What if he didn't remember us?!


The morning went smoothly. My husband and I were greeted by the school manager, a friendly "Welcome Jayden" chalk sign and reviewed classroom protocols. All the while, he was happy as a clam - looking around at the colors and new friends. I touched his soft skin, gave many kisses, handed him off to the teacher and waved goodbye. A fellow class mom approached as we left, perhaps sensing my anxiety or worry. She shared; "he will love it... my daughter grunts with excitement every time we near the class and I'm convinced she crawled early because she saw the other babies. And the school and teachers are great." It's amazing how a few words can make such an impact. 


As I nodded and thanked her, my eyes welled up as my husband and I strolled out for coffee. What would I do without him? Another transition, another chapter of this mom thing was closing. My as-needed daily weekday snuggles, random daytime dance parties, afternoon walks and hugs with my sweet boy dissolved. He was embarking on a now nearly permanent "school" journey without me. 


I was grateful to find solace in the tech-forward school App where teachers post ongoing activity updates. As tears were in full effect as I sipped my caffeine, the App notification shared that he had went down for a nap, and while I settled and enjoyed an outdoor lunch, he had done tummy time (with a photo to boot!), had a wet diaper and some giggles. 


In my yoga class to air out my sadness, I found myself counting down the hours to pickup. I eagerly waited for my husband on the school corner to see our man. And he received a glowing first day report in addition to the App updates - he flipped over, was so expressive, happy and ate very well. The teachers said he was a good baby.


I was beaming and relieved. Best of all, when I knelt down to him, he smiled up at me. And in that moment, my anxiousness and concern melted away... as if he was saying; "it's ok mom, I'm great, you and dad made a good choice."


Lake Love

The other weekend, my husband and I ventured up to Lake Geneva for a college girlfriend's summer wedding, who, coincidentally, married one of our college friends. It was a true reunion of sorts. (Go Hoosiers!) 

With a fully packed car and 3-and-a-half-month-old babe in tow, we drove to the cheese state, arriving at The Abbey Resort. After a few hiccups (hello, putting a newborn on a second floor with no elevator... now that's just silly), we settled into an updated room overlooking the lake. After enjoying a fish fry dinner and strolling the property we crashed. The next morning, we ventured to Simple Cafe in the city's quaint downtown - try the homemade banana bread and scones! - but quickly returned to enjoy hotel AC and get ready. 

This was the first non-family babysitting job for the little guy, and needless to say while I was so nervous, all worked out (minus the babe waking up every 2-3 hours after mommy boozed it up). We were lucky to "borrow" a reputable sitter who worked at the local hospital who a friend uses for her family. 

The wedding ceremony was held at a darling 150-plus-year-old stone church downtown Lake Geneva with the bride's uncle singing a few songs, adding to the intimate nuptials. With clouds looming, guests then traveled by shuttle to Lake Geneva Country Club where the rosé, beer and bubble-drinking commenced. The classic venue, founded in 1895, is believed to be the oldest club in the Midwest.

The cocktail reception was perfect, overlooking the Lake Geneva south shore and classic golf course - which made a fitting entrance for the wedding party to arrive... by boat, of course. The prosciutto melon, corned beef sauerkraut sandwiches and charcuterie board with Wisconsin cheese, full bar and a filled "beer canoe" kicked off a booming evening. And of course I enjoyed the local beer offering - New Glarus Spotted Cow.

Hand-written guest cards of the state's famed farm animal were a perfect touch paired with the navy and white color scheme. The white roses and hydrangea florals brightened the dark wood rooms and the vaulted dance floor was sprinkled with strung lights. While the storms rolled in, the father of the bride took centerstage lightening the room with his Jimmy Fallon's 'thank you notes' skit-inspired speech with the fitting musical background notes. 

Check out some of the photos below of the happy evening and cheesy memories. :) 

 Evening stroll around the dock at The Abbey Resort. 

Evening stroll around the dock at The Abbey Resort. 

 View from our room at The Abbey Resort. Check out the darling gazebo.

View from our room at The Abbey Resort. Check out the darling gazebo.

 Beer canoe during the cocktail reception!  

Beer canoe during the cocktail reception!  

 The bridal party arrived by boat to the reception. Perfect. 

The bridal party arrived by boat to the reception. Perfect. 

 Simple cake surrounded by a bed of perfect petals. 

Simple cake surrounded by a bed of perfect petals. 

 Table setup. - yes those are my two wine glasses. More rosé, please.

Table setup. - yes those are my two wine glasses. More rosé, please.

 Swinging under strings of light.   

Swinging under strings of light.   

 Parents night out. Me and my handsome hubby. 

Parents night out. Me and my handsome hubby.